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Table of Contents

  1. What is SCIFANTECH?
  2. What are "Tech" Novels?
  3. What does SCIFANTECH offer?
  4. What is SCIFANTECH's web URL?
  5. How can I contact SCIFANTECH?
  6. Will SCIFANTECH expand?


To be exact, SCIFANTECH is an organization dealing strictly in Science fiction, Fantasy, and Tech Novels.

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What are "Tech" Novels?

To the owners of SCIFANTECH, a Tech novel is merely a fiction novel with technological settings, such as Michael Crichton's science-based books. 

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What does SCIFANTECH offer?

SCIFANTECH offers direct, broken-down book reviews. The idea behind this was to make better reviews than leading book-sellers. As many customers know, it is irritating to find many book reviews on the web that are so imprecise about the actual book. We also offer a list of the best prices on the web.

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What is SCIFANTECH's web site URL? 

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How can I contact SCIFANTECH?

SCIFANTECH can be contacted through e-mail at

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Yes, SCIFANTECH is already taking suggestions for further web site expansion. If you would like to see any improvements, please fill out our comments page, or e-mail us at

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SCIFANTECH  FAQ- Thanks for visiting!
Revised: July 10, 2002.